MILBAT – The Israeli Center for Assistive Devices, Building and Transportation for the Disabled

center nameMILBAT – The Israeli Center for Assistive Devices, Building and Transportation for the Disabled
addressTel Hashomer Hospital Pavilion 23a 52621 Israel
Website addressClick Here
activity hoursSunday – Thursday 09:00 – 15:00

The Center’s Activities

MILBAT is a public non-profit organization, was established in 1981 with the goal of increasing the level of independence, improving the quality of life, and facilitating integration into the community for disabled children and adults, and the elderly, by means of an accessible, adapted technological environment.
The following services are provided:
1. Development by volunteers of special assistive devices when there is no commercial solution available for a specific person’s need.
2. Development of therapeutic games and musical instruments which are unique in Israel and globally, and are for special needs children and elders. MILBAT operates a game center in cooperation with the Variety Center in Jerusalem for the benefit of Arab and Jewish children with special needs.
3. Provision of personal, professional counseling in selecting assistive devices for improvement of all areas of functionality (personal care, mobility, seating, computer, assistive and alternative communication, environmental control, leisure activities, work, play, etc.)
4. Operation of an Information Center which provides details on how to obtain assistive devices whether for purchase or loan. MILBAT does not sell the devices.
5. Operation of display centers including a permanent display at Tel Hashomer Hospital, and a mobile display in vans, enabling those in need to try out a wide variety of accessories.
6. Provide professional guidance services to students and professionals in the areas of health, education, and welfare, and also to groups of disabled people, their families, and to the elderly.
7. Establishment and operation of “Azarim” a nonprofit national database for assistive technology, available to the public on the Internet:

Counseling Services

At MILBAT, you can receive professional, objective and reliable advising regarding customization of assistive devices to improve your life, maintain safety and alleviate treatment. The services are provided by a team of occupational therapists, a physical therapist, and a speech therapist specializing in the field of assistive technology. If required, it is possible to arrange an integrated consultation with the participation of a number of professionals.
The services include:
1. Personal professional counseling to find an appropriate technological solution for the customer’s functionality needs.
2. The opportunity to personally try a variety of commercial and special MILBAT-developed assistive devices.
3. Provision of information regarding how to acquire assistive devices (purchasing, borrowing, second hand).
4. Development by volunteers of special assistive devices when there is no commercial solution available for a specific person’s needs.

Please note that MILBAT is not connected to sale/loan of commercial assistive devices.

A professional caring for someone in the community or in an institution may make arrangements for consultation. This service is available in the following frameworks:
• Personal consultative meeting at the MILBAT Center in Tel HaShomer Hospital; a home visit; a visit by a professional from MILBAT to health, educational or social welfare institutions throughout Israel.
• By telephone or fax (depending on the complexity of the request).
• By email (depending on the complexity of the request).

MILBAT’s specialists are happy to assist in a variety of fields, including the following:
• Safety and fall prevention
• Seating and mobility
• Assessments for emergencies and war
• Modifications to the work environment
• Recreational therapy
• Consultation to institutions
• Counseling for women regarding gender issues
• Computers
• Switches, environmental controls and smart homes
• Accessibility and housing modifications
• Functional issues regarding parenting for parents with disabilities
• Standing, walking and transfer
• Vehicles and driving mechanisms
• Lying down and sleeping
• Tourism
• Daily functioning
• Telephonic communication
• Supportive and alternative communication


• Children, youth and adolescents with temporary or permanent disabilities
• Adults with temporary or permanent disabilities
• Elderly people facing decreased functionality due to age or due to temporary or permanent illness
• Disabled IDF veterans
• Victims of hostile acts
• Professionals and students in the fields of healthcare, rehabilitation, social services, education and design

Languages in Which the Service is Offered:
Hebrew, Russian, Arabic and English.