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Karten Institute for Special Computer Usage

center nameKarten Institute for Special Computer Usage
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The Institute’s Activities
The institute’s services are designed to improve vocational capabilities and provide mastery of computer usage. The service is personal and personal care is given to each client. The institute’s clients enjoy a spacious and diverse laboratory including classrooms for instruction and practice on the computers, advanced technological equipment to try and to borrow, unique computer software, updated assistive devices and furnishings fitted for the user. The institute’s team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds and possesses a unique and up-to-date specialization in rehabilitative technology.

Counseling Services
Counseling in the fields of assistive technology; personally-fitted computerized workplace environments; and computer usage.
Consulting for professionals and institutions.
Services for unique populations including the following: assistance for individuals with learning disabilities, technological solutions for children with writing difficulties, technological solutions for those with communicative disabilities and cognitive treatment using computers.

People facing a variety of disabilities and limitations which make it difficult to operate a computer, including: physical, communicative, and sensory disabilities; chronic and systemic illnesses; and complex disabilities. Additionally, the center serves children and youth with physical or cognitive injuries, which require customized computer access, learning environments and/or work areas at home or at school.