Alyn – Pediatric & Adolescent Rehabilitation Center

center nameAlyn – Pediatric & Adolescent Rehabilitation Center
address82 Shmaryahu Levine Street PO Box 9117 Jerusalem, 91090 Israel
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In Alyn Hospital, a new specialty has been developed for the rehabilitative treatment of children and youth suffering from motor, communicative, cognitive and behavioral disorders caused by injuries and illnesses such as: brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, injuries caused by trauma, infection, tumors or vascular problems; congenital or degenerative muscular, nervous or bone diseases (spina bifida, myopathy, osteogenesis, arthrogyposis, acondroplasia, etc.); burn victims; rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery or plastic surgery; respiratory rehabilitation including patients on respirators; developmental rehabilitation for premature infants with emphasis on oral feeding. Brain damage victims are also accepted if unconscious with a chance of neurological improvement.
There are different units within Alyn that provide comprehensive solutions for the patients, such as: Active rehabilitation for patients ages 0 to 22 from all over Israel requiring inpatient or outpatient treatment; outpatient rehabilitation and education for children up to age 7 for those living in Jerusalem and the surrounding area. For rehabilitation equipment, Maayan is a center for assessment, counseling and exhibition of wheelchairs, seating systems and assistive devices for the disabled. The Biomechanical Laboratory offers special devices and equipment for children and youth with physical disabilities. The Rehabilitative Technology Unit offers computer equipment, fitting of hardware and software for those with motor and/or cognitive disorders, without restrictions based on age. Special treatments are offered through multi-staff clinics performing medical and paramedical assessments, treatment plans and recommendations for continued treatment in the community including the following: pediatric orthopedics, spina bifada, muscular dystrophy, rehabilitation, respiratory, spinal deformities, cerebral palsy, head injuries, incontinence and the use of special devices. There is also an early childhood educational framework through the hospital which includes a daycare for children up to age 3 whose condition requires medical supervision, as well as a kindergarten for children ages 3 to 8 whose condition requires medical supervision.