Full NameAlyn – Pediatric & Adolescent Rehabilitation Center 
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address82 Shmaryahu Levine Street, PO Box 9117, Jerusalem, 91090,Israel  

Organization Description and Activity
ALYN Hospital is one of the world's leading specialists in pediatric rehabilitation and is the only facility of its kind in Israel.  ALYN specializes in diagnosis and the rehabilitation of infants, children and adolescents who are suffering from physical disabilities, both congenital and acquired.
ALYN Hospital employs a multidisciplinary staff including doctors and para-medical therapists. ALYN's various departments and services include: the Respiratory Rehabilitation Department, the Rehabilitation Department, the Day Rehabilitation Department, Shachar Rehabilitation Educational Medical Day Care Center, the Skill Building Center, the Therapeutic Sports Center and the Legacy Heritage Independent Living Neighborhood for ventilator-assisted young adults.
At ALYN we treat children suffering from a variety of physical challenges, from routine conditions which need a professional diagnosis and short term treatment to long-term rehabilitation for children and adolescents suffering from severe injuries or complex medical conditions - including children who are ventilator dependent. The families of all the patients receive instruction from the ALYN staff on how they can help their children through the often long and complex rehabilitation process. Patients come to ALYN from all over Israel and from abroad and are rehabilitated at ALYN regardless of their religion, ethnic origin or language.
The treatment at ALYN is multidisciplinary and includes doctors who are specialists in different fields and a variety of therapies which includes physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. Throughout their rehabilitation process every patient and their family is accompanied by nursing staff, social workers and psychologists. 
Children and their families work very hard during their rehabilitation treatments.  In order to increase a child's motivation so that they make progress in their rehabilitation process ALYN adds animal assisted therapy, computer technology therapy, virtual reality games, medical clowns, hydrotherapy and exercising in the Hospital's Therapeutic Sports Center to the patients rehabilitation program.
We believe that it is every child's right – including children suffering from physical challenges - to have the best quality of life possible and therefore ALYN provides the tools to every patient and their family so that they can learn how to cope with their condition in order to reach their full potential, helped by their family and the ALYN staff.

Vision and Mission
ALYN Hospital, Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center will offer the highest quality of medical and rehabilitation treatment for children with physical challenges, both congenital and acquired, with the aim of helping them to reach their full potential in order that they will be able to function and integrate into the family framework within a supportive community.
• ALYN Hospital will offer state-of-the-art medical, rehabilitation and developmental treatment – personalized for each patient - by a multidisciplinary team of specialists.  ALYN Hospital treats all children regardless of their religion, ethnicity or gender.
• ALYN Hospital will guide the patient and their family from birth to adolescence with the aim of helping them to cope with the changing challenges to the best of their abilities.
• ALYN Hospital will work to develop additional services and assist other organizations to do so in order to promote programs which will assist the successful integration of ALYN patients back into the community.
• ALYN Hospital will widen the scope of its professional knowledge in the field of pediatric rehabilitation through innovative clinical research.
• ALYN Hospital will be a resource center for professional enrichment and studies for the ALYN staff, the families of the patients, students in the field of health care and other entities from both within Israel and abroad.
• ALYN Hospital will continue to work to improve the quality of life of its patients and their families by focusing on cultivating social awareness and promoting legislation and the enforcement of laws relating to children with special needs.

ALYN Hospital treats babies, children and youth from birth until age 22 from all parts of Israel and from all over the world who have physical disabilities, complex disabilities, chronic illnesses, systemic illnesses, various syndromes, etc.

Service Providers (Disciples)
• Leading doctors in the fields of rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics and urology.
• Consulting doctors in the fields of neurosurgery, psychiatry, ENT, pulmonology and more.
• A skilled para-medical team including those from the fields of physiotherapy; hydrotherapy; occupational therapy; speech and language therapy; social work; psychology and neuropsychology; nutritional and dietetic services.
• A skilled nursing staff
• Teachers
• A support staff

For more information, please visit Alyn’s website and see our page regarding Alyn’s counseling services.