Full NameMILBAT – The Israeli Center for Assistive Devices, Building and Transportation for the Disabled  
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addressTel Hashomer Hospital Pavilion 23a 52621 Israel 
organization descriptionעמותה ציבורית ללא כוונת רווח (ע"ר)

rganization Description

MILBAT was established in 1981 with the goal of increasing the level of independence, improving the quality of life, and facilitating integration into the community for disabled children and adults, and the elderly, by means of an accessible, adapted technological environment. MILBAT offers consultation services, training and information regarding customization and development of assistive devices, as well as unique forms of treatment and leisure.

Services (Fields of Activity and Counseling)

1. Development and customization of assistive devices, leisure facilities and special treatments when no product currently on the market addresses the customer’s needs.
2. Personal professional counseling to find an appropriate technological solution for the customer’s functionality needs.
3. Providing information regarding assistive devices, such as how to acquire them in Israel/abroad (purchasing, borrowing, second hand), as well as information regarding eligibility.
4. Personal testing of a variety of assistive devices.
5. Professional training center for the disabled, the elderly and their families, as well as professionals and students from the fields of healthcare, education, social services and design.
6. The services are provided throughout Israel in various languages.

1. Children, youth and adults with temporary or permanent disabilities, according to any medical diagnosis.
2. Wounded IDF veterans and victims of hostile acts.
3. Elderly individuals who have decreased functionality due to age or as the result of a temporary/permanent illness.
4. Family members.
5. Professionals and students from the fields of healthcare, education, social services, engineering and design.
6. Those involved in the manufacturing, supplying and marketing of assistive devices.
Service Providers (Disciplines)
A team of occupational therapists, a physical therapist, a speech therapist and approximately 300 volunteers specializing in the fields of rehabilitation, engineering, electronics, design and more.