Karten Institute  



Full NameKarten Institute for Special Computer Usage 
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e-mail addresskartenta@keren.org.il 

Organization Description
Keren Vocational Rehabilitation Centers in Israel is a public trust founded by the Israel Ministry of Welfare & Social Services with the aim of providing people with disabilities and employment barriers support and guidance in attaining long-lasting gainful employment.

Services (Fields of Activity and Counseling)
Keren offers vocational rehabilitation and assessment services and operates vocational rehabilitation and assessment centers, reduced vision centers, supported vocational units and four Karten Institutes for special computer usage. These institutes specialize in adapting computer stations according to ergonomic principles while taking into account the individual and his/her special needs with regard to his/her specific tasks and the space in which he/she must work. The computer usage accessibility assessment is performed by an inter-disciplinary professional team with knowledge and experience in the fields of assistive technology and ergonomics, while trying a variety of devices, custom furnishings and assistive software in order to find the best possible all-around solutions.

Modes of Operation
1. Computer usage accessibility assessment for hardware, software and custom furnishings. The assessment includes consultation regarding custom equipment, and actually trying the recommended devices.
2. Workstation customization at the customer’s home and/or workplace.
3. Vocational training in a variety of fields: work in Microsoft Windows; Microsoft Office and the Internet; usage of office equipment such as: scanners, burners, digital recorders, etc.
4. Software, hardware and assistive devices support services.
5. Help Desk – Development of professional skills for working in a computer environment and in various areas including call centers. Training is provided privately or in small groups.

The institutes offer services designated for children and for adults facing disabilities and limitations of the following types: physical, sensory, lingual, learning disabilities, listening and concentration difficulties, chronic and systemic illnesses, complex disabilities and syndromes, PDD-cognitive, autism, special needs. The treatment is for all ages, for anyone from age 3 to 120 who is interested in using a computer to improve their life personally, professionally or socially.

Service Providers (Disciplines)
A multi-disciplinary team including occupational therapists specializing in ergonomics, assistive technology and computer aids; software instructors; teachers; learning disability specialists; speech therapists; physical therapists; and social workers.