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Welcome to the Azarim website, the Israeli database of assistive technology and devices 

About the Website

The "Azarim" website is a database of assistive technology and devices whose purpose is to assist individuals whose functioning has been damaged or weakened to improve their functional capabilities in all aspects of life. The information on the website allows these people, their families, caregivers and professionals to obtain professional and reliable information in order to choose the assistive devices that are appropriate for them, and to receive updated information regarding how to obtain them. The website was established by the Eshel non-profit organization (The Association for the Planning and Development of Services for the Aged in Israel) and by the Milbat non-profit organization in conjunction with the Matrix company, Microsoft Israel, The Clore Israel Foundation and additional development partners.
Before making a decision regarding purchase or use of an assistive device, it is recommended to consult professionals in the field of assistive technology in order to: evaluate functionality, sample devices, practice use of devices, have a personal fitting performed, and sometimes even to build a custom device.
The website’s terms of use apply to all who decide to use it. Entrance to the website and use of the website or information found on it constitute agreement to these terms of use.
Website manager: Ayelet Gur, MILBAT Non-Profit Organization



Development Partners – Steering Committee

Development Partners – Steering Committee
The website’s Steering Committee is composed of representatives from the following organizations and government ministries (alphabetical listing): Bakol, Eshel, GeronTech, JDC-Israel, Karten Institute, Maayan-Alyn, MILBAT, The Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Social Affairs, The National Insurance Institute, Yad Sarah.




What is Assistive Technology?

"Assistive technology responds to the needs of those with limitations to their day-to-day functioning in various areas, such as: mobility, communication, household chores, restrooms, bathing, movement, sitting, reclining, transportation and more.

Sources of Assistive Technology Funding in Israel

The database of assistive technology appearing on the website is broad and diverse.
There is funding or funding assistance available for some of the items, and for some of them there is no funding source.
The policies in this area are not uniform. Every source acts according to its own procedures and therefore it is recommended that anyone requesting assistance reviews his/her eligibility for funding with the relevant source.

Sources of Funding:

The Ministry of Health:

Assists in funding for rehabilitative devices; mobility and walking devices; individuals suffering from permanent disability who are not hospitalized.
The eligibility is according to the 3rd addition to the National Health Insurance Law and in accordance with the Ministry of Health regulations.
Click here for the Ministry of Health’s website in English.

The Ministry of Defense:

 For disabled veterans of the IDF and defense forces who are eligible according to the Disabled Persons Law (Pensions and Rehabilitation) or the Police Law (Disabled Persons and Victims).
Click here for the Ministry of Defense – Rehabilitation Branch website (in Hebrew).

National Insurance:

For workplace accident victims eligible according to the National Insurance Law and for victims of hostile acts eligible according to the Compensation for Victims of Hostile Acts Law.
Click here for the National Insurance website in English.

Ministry of Finance:

For victims of the Nazis who are eligible according to the Nazi Persecution Law or Victims of Nazi Persecution Law or the Righteous Gentile Benefits Law.
Click here for the Ministry of Finance website in English.

Healthcare Services:

 Eligibility for assistance for some of the devices is according to the National Health Insurance Law and for some as part of supplementary health insurance.

Insurance Companies:
All who are recognized by the insurance company for this purpose are entitled to assistance. Such as: Road accidents – according to the Road Accident Victims Compensation Law of 1975.